COVID-19 has changed the professional landscape for good, and we’re all connecting online more than ever. That can be great news for content developers like me. Opportunities are wide open to write more good things to read. More conversations are also making their way into video content as live presentations and panel discussions.

While online events are necessary, they also need good content strategy to land well. Good content is not about who or what you want to promote. It’s not about putting a link up with only a headshot and title, either.

Quality content starts with deference to your audience. It works better when you invest the time to consider what they want to learn, and help them understand why they should care.

With an online event, your audience needs to quickly grasp: What’s it about, who is it, and so what? Don’t cram it all into one graphic, but don’t make them work too hard to get it, either.

Here are some tips to help you think from your audience’s perspective. Create better content to promote your webinar with answers to these questions:

  1. WHAT is the topic? Don’t be too broad. Don’t use an acronym without an explanation. Give me a solid, brief understanding of the subject matter you want to present. It’s not enough to say this person will talk. What’s my takeaway?
  1. WHO is talking? Give me some description of who they are in terms of why they have something I might want to hear. More than a name and title. I want some quick context and credentials.
  1. WHY do I care? Show me that you understand and respect your audience well enough that I will find this topic relevant for some particular reason. Why is it worth my time?
  1. WHEN is it? It’s surprising how often people make me dig past 2-3 clicks to find out. Put day and time clearly up front.
  1. WHERE can I see it? Is it streaming somewhere, or do I need a link? Can I catch up later if I miss it?
  1. HOW do I get it? Do I need to sign up? Is it easy and seamless? While you’ve got me, make it easy to see other things of interest you might have coming up.

For more about how to plan and create better content, let’s talk. -rvb